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Kyoto University
Website administration guidelines


The Kyoto University Website Administration Guidelines have been established to facilitate the administration of Kyoto University’s official website (hereinafter “Website”).



The “Website” refers to webpages and other materials located at the domain,

Websites administrated by Kyoto University’s individual departments and other administrative units shall be referred to as “Departmental Websites”.


Website management

The Website shall be under the management of the International Strategy Office (hereinafter “iSO”) of Kyoto University.


Website administration

The Website shall be administrated by the iSO.

At the iSO, the task of Website administration shall include evaluating the materials prepared by its own staff or by the Requesters (as defined hereunder), and publishing them as appropriate on the Website.


Responsibilities of the Requesters

Those wishing to have materials published on the Website (hereinafter “Requesters”) shall be responsible for thoroughly reviewing such materials before submitting them to the Public Relations Division for publication. In reviewing such materials, the Requesters shall consider the following points: websites in general are designed for purposes such as making information available to an unspecified and unlimited audience in a timely manner, and storing information over an extended period, and the Website in particular is intended for accurate reporting and timely promotion of the University. Requesters shall also be responsible for ensuring that the materials published on the Website are up to date and accurate.


Acceptable and unacceptable materials

The materials published on the Website shall be limited to those related to Kyoto University’s education, research, and public service activities, and shall exclude those that are offensive to the public order and morals, and/or are of a commercial, political, or religious nature.


Recommendations for improvement

In the event that the iSO deems an article published on the Website inappropriate based on the above criteria, it may advise the party responsible for the material or for the publication thereof to make necessary corrections.

This also applies to links to webpages that are deemed offensive to the public order and morals.



Other matters pertaining to the administration of the Website shall be determined by the ISO.